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11/17/200: up and running on the new server. I have a lot of updates to make on the site. I've added so far today a caresheet for Mesobuthus martensii. I'll have a few links to add to that section and will be getting the For Sale section up as well.

10/14/2005: still working on the server. should be up and running on a stable soon. New package this week included many V. spinigerus, C. exilicauda gertschi morphs, Hottentotta species, and more. I'll have caresheets for the new arrivals later this week. Photos will be added as well.

10/7/2005: i'm sure you've noticed the recent change. I'm still working on getting the server load reduced to speed up the site.
I'm also happy to announce that I managed to get more caresheets online and that I am the FIRST to have CareSheets available for Tityus species. More specificly Tityus serrulatus, Tityus falconensis, and Tityus bahiensis. There are many others I've added as well.

9-29-2005: With the birth of another brood, I have discovered that my Lychas obsti, are NOT Lychas. They are actually Isometrus maculatus. Very similar species that inhabits much of the same areas as Lychas obsti. With this discovery, I think I'll be preparing yet another re-write of the website. This format isn't quite working for me. I will also be adding more care information for many other the other species I have attained recently.

08/07/2005 - Collection is still rapidly growing. As you can see I just threw together a bit of a redesign. Nothing too major, just got rid of the frames, and went with a new menu system. I recieved some new scorpions yesterday, and I am amoung the first few in the US to get a couple of them. Tityus serrulatus, Tityus falconensis, and Centruroides margaritatus yellow morph. Their pictures are up, and I have several care updates to make for them, but they'll be online soon.

7/12/05 - My collection is growing faster than I can keep up on the website. I've been buying and selling a lot of scorpions, and eventually I'll get the information on all the additions online soon. Till then, if you looking to purchase scorpions, send me an email or contact me on one of the forums listed on my Links (found as TheNothing). You can also see my reviews on The Reptile Room and Arachnoboards
Check back soon for updates!

6/10/05 - Most all my C. gracilis scorplings are gone.
Added Centruroides exilicauda info (Arizona Bark Scorpions
catching U. mordax this weekend and expecting a couple shipments of new scorps next week, so stay tuned for more stuff!!

4/21/05 - been busy lately. My 2nd instar Centruroides gracilis are doing very well, and I recently aquired 4 juvenile Vaejovis carolinianus (Southern Stripless / Southern Devil Scorpion). Today I finally managed to get information about them online. I'm also hoping to get a lot of other additional information online as well. If you're curious about the C. gracilis babies. They're almost a month old now, have been on their own without mom for a week and are miniature cricket killing machines. TTFN

Thanks for coming to Scorpions! @ IOL. I've been putting in quite a bit of work recently with the website and getting more sections added every day, Make sure you keep checking back!

On Monday, March 28th, my Centruroides gracilis (Tequila) gave birth to about 35 scorplings. This was a complete surprises as I didn't even think she was gravid; never even suspected it. Because of this, I have a section now on caring for scorplings found below in the "Additional Information" section.

Also uploaded in the last few days: Tank Setups, and Anatomy/Dictionary. The anatomy part is not yet complete (just have a couple pictures to edit) and the Dictionary part of it will be updated on a regular basis as needed. I am also now on The Scorpion SiteRing

this site is under major construction
soon you'll find pages for all my scorpions and a mirror of my original scorpion website Cupid's Home on the Web

In the meantime, my photogallery is all that is online
click here for the Photo Gallery!!

keep checking back for more!


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