Smeringurus mesaensis (Stahnke, 1957)

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Common name: Dune Scorpion, Mohave Desert Scorpion
Scientific Name: Smeringurus mesaensis
Range: California, Arizona
Type: Obligate Burrower
Communal: no
Full Grown Size: 4" (10cm)
Growth Rate: Medium
Temperature: 85-95F (29-35C)
Humidity: <40%
Temperment: Medium
Venom: 2
Diet: Young can eat Pinhead crickets, small roaches, meal worms. Adults can eat large crickets, roaches, super worms.
Housing: Adults Medium critter keeper, 2 gallon tank, or rubbermaid type container. Young can live in small critter keepers or large deli cups.
Substrate Depth/Type: 6-8" of sand or sand/coco-peat with rocks or hides. Sand should be wet down and allowed to dry to provide a stable burrowing substrait
More info: This species if VERY FAST. Foturnatly it usually runs before it turns to strike in defence. Makes a good beginner scorpion.

Dune scorpions are very intolerant to water, and as such should not be misted or offered a water dish. They are very acclimated to retaining what water they need and will take it from their prey.

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