Pandinus imperator (C.L. Koch, 1841)

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Common name: Emperor Scorpion
Scientific Name: Pandinus imperator
Range: Western Africa jungle regions (Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Togo)
Type: Obligate Burrower
Communal: Yes, with like sized individtuals
Full Grown Size: upwards of 8" (20cm)
Growth Rate: Fast
Temperature: 75-90F (23-32C)
Humidity: 70+% (80+% ideal)
Temperment: Calm
Speed: Medium
Venom: 1
Diet: Young can eat Pinhead crickets, small roaches, meal worms. Adults can eat large crickets, roaches, super worms, or on occational pinky mice and small annoles.
Housing: Adults large critter keeper, 5+ gallon tank. Young can live in small critter keepers.
Substrate Depth/Type: 6-8" of soil/peat moss mix. I like to use plain coconut husk "peat." Pack it down to help support borrow structures
More info: This is the most common captively kept scorpion. It is slow to anger and has a mean pinch which it is more likely to use than stinging. Its natural habitat is in Western Africa rainforests where it lives in burrows up to a couple feet in length.

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