Mesobuthus martensii (Karsch, 1879)

More Chinese Armor-Tailed pics
Common name: Chinese Armortailed Scorpion, Manchurian Scorpion, Chinese Golden Scorpion
Scientific Name: Mesobuthus martensii
Range: China
Type: Opportunistic Burrower
Communal: yes
Full Grown Size: 3"
Growth Rate: Medium
Temperature: 80-85F (26-29C)
Humidity: 50-60%
Temperment: Semi Aggressive
Speed: Medium
Venom: 3
Diet: Young can eat Pinhead crickets, small roaches, meal worms. Adults can eat large crickets, roaches, super worms.
Housing: Adults medium critter keeper, 2 gallon tank, or rubbermaid type container. Young can live in small critter keepers or large deli cups
Substrate Depth/Type: 2-3" of peat/sand mix with rocks or hides. Pack down substrate and use flat rocks for them to create hides under
More info: This species is fairly communal, if provided with enough hiding spaces. A good rule of 1 scorpion per gallon of tank space is ideal. They also breed quite readily and begining to be a very common scorpion in the trade.

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