Tank Setups

There are MANY MANY ways to setup your scorpion's new home. There are two primary questions that must me considered when it comes to housing your scorpion: The larger the scorpion, the larger the tank you will need. Personally, I like 10 gallon tanks for Pandinus species (Emperors), Hetrometrus species (Asian Forests), and the like. As you work your way down the line to smaller species, you can reduce the size of the tank. For the most part, most species fit in perfectly with 5 gallon. If you are wanting to keep a small community of scorpions (all of the same species of course), go with the larger 10 gallon.

Now you know what size tank you should think about using. Now you need to find out what to do with the tank.

So, where does you scorpion come from? What is its native habitat?

Now, you're not going to be able to create a rainforest jungle or the Mohave Desert, but you can create a "Micro-Habitat." Think of your whole neighborhood as your native habitat, but your bedroom is your micro-habitat. The smaller space in which you spend the majority of your life. With scorpions you will need to provide a proper ground cover (see About Substrate section), proper heat and humidity levels. This is where knowing their native habitat becomes important. Scorpions from tropical and forested areas will need a regular soil-type substrate, and desert and semi-arid area scorpions need sand.

Generally speaking, scorpions for desert areas apreciate rocks in combination with the sand. I'm talking about larger, flat rocks that will sit right on the surface. This will allow a starting point for burrows and scrapes. The forest species like larger hides; branches, logs, etc.

This is more or less the basic info. If you don't have room for tanks, don't despare. Smaller species can feel right at home in the plastic "KritterKeepers" found at many petstores and just about any place that sells any pet supplies.

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