Hadrurus arizonensis (Ewing, 1928)

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Common name: Desert Hairy Scorpion
Scientific Name: Hadrurus arizonensis
Range Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico
Type: Obligate Burrower
Communal: In small numbers
Full Grown Size: 5-6"
Growth Rate: Medium
Temperature: 85-90F (29-32C)
Humidity: 50%
Temperment: Semi Aggressive
Speed: Medium
Venom: 2
Diet: Young can eat Pinhead crickets, small roaches, meal worms. Adults can eat large crickets, roaches, super worms.
Housing: Adults large critter keeper, 5 gallon tank, or rubbermaid type container. Young can live in small critter keepers or large deli cups
Substrate Depth/Type: 6-8" of sand with rocks or hides. Sand should be wet down, packed and allowed to dry to provide a stable burrowing substrait
More info: This species LOVES to burrow. Make sure sand is well packed. The most common captive care issues are troubles molting and giving birth. Its native habitats are in semi-arid and arid habitats (also in desert-like habitats, but rarly on sand dunes) in deep burrows that can excede several feet in length. It will seemingly hibernate in the winter months, and it will handle room temperatures and reduced feeding during this time.

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